Recently I purchased the new Garmin Fenix 3 HR GPS smart watch to upgrade from my Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I couldn’t be more pleased. For more details of what this can do check out But read below for a brief list of features I really am liking.

Its a watch I can wear it all day long and when I decide to run its ready to go. It works indoors on a treadmill how? Magic? no Garmin has put an accelerometer inside of it. I do believe it is calculated by how you perform outside and I think you do need the performance bundle to make this happen (you need the chest strap). Long term you will want this anyhow because it offers you lots more data about how you run (cadence, ground contact time etc.).

All day long this watch tracks your heart rate neat to see and you can turn it off to save battery life. It also tracks your steps. With the built in blue tooth and wifi it syncs over either it also will give you all your text messages and show you the weather or various other things based on apps you can download.

One cool feature when you run outside with the chest strap it measures your vitals after 5 or 6 minutes of running it scores how your performance will be. It seems to be pretty spot on as well. The other day I had a +5 and had a great run where as other days I’ve had -2 and had terrible runs. I worry this could work against me what if its wrong? and I mentally think oh no a -3 I’m doomed and set myself up for failure? but so far it seems to be pretty accurate.

It measures your lactate threshold basically gives you a fitness score. It will also give you a race predictor IE based on how you perform it predicts how you will do on race day. Pretty cool feature to see.

While your running it tracks your elevation outside temp pace distance etc. and tons more.

It also automatically lyncs right up to and you can use Garmins connect website as well which is not to bad.