How does it feel to eat a vegan diet?


This is an interesting question if one already has what they believe to be a good diet why bother going vegan If you already feel good and eliminated junk food etc. If you eat a typical standard american diet how will eating this way make you feel? I’d imagine it’s going to be a little different for everyone but I can offer a little bit about my story to help.


I started a low carb high fat diet in February 2012 at the same time I had also quit my 2+ packs a day smoking habit. Just this change had me feeling better eliminating a lot of junk etc. I also started walking. By about July of that year I started running. Each day when I ran I was left pretty tired and had numerous sugar swings mainly low blood sugar. I’d eat more to try and compensate or eat more fat as they might tell you to do when doing a low carb diet. Towards the end of the year I was eating more fruit and had eliminated things like bacon, spam, and hot dogs all awesome low carb choices right? :).


Then came March of 2013 I had some blood work done. A couple things came up with my doctor. He said the tiredness and dizziness was probably from low blood sugar he stated that when I ran I was probably torching off all my sugar leaving me depleted. My blood work also came back with a cholesterol result of 366!.


I was already thinking of going vegan but how? The first week I ate a lot of beans and rice and I do love beans and rice but I was enjoying fruit as well and wondered if I could just eat fruit. That is when I stumbled across the website Michael Arnstein had some impressive stats running just on fruit!


I then started to crank in the fruit 80lbs of bananas a week and whatever else I could and eating some cooked dinners along the way followed up with more sweet fruit. I started shoveling in 4-6000 calories a day of High Carb Low Fat food / fruit. My running took off my energy levels went through the roof I no longer felt wiped out after a run but was able to just keep going or easily go back out later for another run if I wanted too. I had less muscle soreness etc.


The best part I basicly got to stuff my face and still stay lean and be full of energy.Oh and my cholesterol dropped to 165 after just 90 days. The only down side along the way with both diets was some detox type symptoms as your body cleanses itself but it passes and you move forward.


I felt low carb was the way to go and no doubt for weight loss it sure was effective but going vegan took things to the next level. Would I love to eat bacon and such again sure absolutely but I like feeling good too much to wanna do that. I did not realize that while I felt good on low carb diet I could feel a ton better. I had no idea until I had eaten a vegan diet for some time and had a good basis of comparison.


In a nutshell I now eat a High Carb Low Fat vegan diet that is low sodium and only whole foods mostly raw with some cooked dinners. I eat probably 80-90% of my calories from carbohydrates, 5-10% from fat, and 5-10% from protein.